Monday, February 13, 2012

Dream Theater at the 2012 Grammys

Awkward interview, and of course it didn't air even on the E! Network's Red Carpet coverage. That was rather funny when the woman interviewing them asked who they were looking forward to seeing tonight, lol. I'm sure she had never even heard of Dream Theater until 5 minutes before that interview. And her reaction to a...whoa..a 9-minute song? NO WAY! lol thanks

Dave Grohl: I guess I don't have anything against him as a person, but I still think the Foo Fighters are very overrated.

  Brief story with Dave Grohl saying "I FEEL BAD FOR DREAM THEATER"

Will Dream Theater ever get nominated again? I'm gonna guess no, but perhaps their odds are better now than in any years in the past. I do feel slightly bad for Portnoy, even though he's probably been over it a zillion times in his head, and now that it's over, he's probably a bit relieved.

I also can't help but think of Kevin Gilbert and the other Tuesday Music Club Members who appeared at the Grammy's in 1995 when their music won on Sheryl Crow's debut record Tuesday Night Music Club. I wonder if the camera showed Kevin and others when Crow went up to accept the award. They had to get mentioned of course. I might pay money if someone had a video copy of that Grammy Awards just to see it. I've always wanted to. But were Dream Theater shown in the crowd anywhere? I didn't see them, but go figure.