Friday, February 24, 2012

Brice Plays Drums - Man the Animal Cannon (2012)

I saw them at The Cabooze last evening and here's some of the footage:

Video streaming by Ustream

The "info" section on their Facebook page adds this about this new album:

Tentatively, BPD will be releasing their new album "Man the Animal Cannon" in May of 2012. It will feature 3 songs totalling 45 minutes, a new keyboardist, and notably jazzier and theatrical overtones.

And having seen them play it all last night, the jazz element is more evident in this new music, compared to their debut release I Laugh at Your Greener Pastures.

I got to speak with Michael Higgins, their singer/guitarist, about it after the show and it sounds like it'll be finished soon. May as that says, is the projection for when it could be released. Stylistically, it features vocal harmonies and is more jazzy, as their new keyboardist Bobby, brings that influence among other things to the band. But it also sounds in some ways like their debut record in that it's sort of a suite, or rather, the compositions are all size-able, yet do connect. 3 songs? and around 45 minutes.

Pretty excited to hear it. They may launch a Kickstarter campaign, but it should be available for free to stream, just as I Laugh at Your Greener Pastures is here.

One of my favorite bands prog or otherwise, from Minnesota.