Thursday, July 7, 2011

Tangled Thoughts of Leaving - Deaden the Fields (2011) (2.0)

7/7/11 11:40AM
go here to stream the whole thing

Stunning record. Hopefully more details will come soon enough.

7/6/11 12:37AM
Throw Us to the Wind by TToL

another new song "Throw Us to the Wind", sohhh good. I'd be shocked if this album isn't at least 4-stars and in my top 20 at worst. My copy should arrive within a few weeks. July 8th however, is on Friday. An mp3 zip folder download link should be hitting my inbox that day I believe.

6/19/11 1:31PM

Pre-Order link. Comes with a download of the title track as well.

also it appears it's being released on July 8th.

6/13/11 8:47AM

1. Landmarks [17:20]
2. Throw Us to the Wind [8:40]
3. ...And Sever Us From the Present [4:15]
4. Deep Rivers Run Quiet [11:12]
5. Deaden the Fields [6:12]
6. They Found My Skull in the Nest of a Bird [14:17]

their facebook post.

kind of proggy, hehe.

5/30/11 11:43AM

Facebook announcement

Drop Date is July 15th. Damn, Mid July is looking pretty busy with fellow Aussie post-rockers Meniscus; Fair to Midland, House of Fools, The Gloomcatcher, The Great Confinement and Neverending White Lights among other new releases.

5/6/11 2:03PM

Yes, I am counting the minutes until I arrive home to finally hear this thing.

New single " Deep Rivers Run Quiet"
Deep Rivers Run Quiet by TToL

4/28/11 3:45AM

Radio Show Stream from "RTR" (a radio station in Australia). Go about 2/3 in to the stream

F-U-C-K. Soh bloody good!

"I'm telling you........"

This record very easily could be the breakthrough or big splash of 2011. Or at least 1 of them. Every piece, every detail, all the hard work these guys have put in. All the time, etc. This has the formula I've seen many times of a record that stands the test of time. A DEBUT record too.

Don't be surprised if in a few years, Deaden the Fields is one of those records I and many others will think for 2011 and the early part of this decade.

The artwork is supposedly pretty close to being finished and posted online.

Also something I found interesting in that interview on that radio show, (before the track was played), these songs..or it sounds like the entire record WAS WRITTEN from JAMS the guys have done over the 7 years they've been together.

They, like Kevin Gilbert and many others, just record everything or every time they jam.

4/22/11 1:25AM
homepage news link

Album Update + Single Launch Details

The album is almost done now in terms of audio - it is off being mastered in Sweden by Pelle Henricsson. We went to Pelle because of his previous work on albums such Refused’s The Shape of Punk to Come, Cult of Luna’s Somewhere Along the Highway and Poison the Well’s You Come Before You. Those are some of our favourite albums ever, so it made sense to us - given the epic dynamics on this album - to aim high and see what Pelle could do. What we have heard so far is sounding amazing - it should be wrapped up this week and sent off for pressing very shortly.

We may as well let some more album details out while we are here. Drum roll please….

The album is titled ‘Deaden the Fields’. It’s a touch under 62 minutes long. It has 6 tracks. It’ll be out in July.

In the meantime, we are releasing a single. The track is called ‘Deep Rivers Run Quiet’ and is 11 minutes long. It’s a typically epic TToL track, but quite unlike anything we have done previously. We were a little apprehensive about releasing such a long single for fear of giving too much away before the album - but it’s only the third longest song on the album!

The single launch is at Manhattans on May 13, with our friends The Silent World, Heytesburg and Cautious Horsemen. We are planning something cool for the release, but we’ll keep that under wraps for now.

More exciting news to come soon.

If you are in Perth, don’t forget about RTR FM’s In the Pines festival next weekend! We are on at 4pm, and can’t wait to play a couple of new songs.

Well as the below related link includes, I have become increasingly intrigued and excited about this record. So much so, I am a little worried it won't meet my hopes.

And with 11 minute tracks and 62 minutes, I wonder if this will be either feast or famine. As I spoke to my friend Josh (from Epic Rock Talk and That Drummer Guy Music Review Blog), I think this record could be like Long Distance Calling's Avoid the Light or even better.

Proof will be found in the pudding of course, but now knowing the title, a bit more about the songs, and it's coming in July, the bar has been or maintains its raised level.

A Top 10 contender I'd say now even, and I haven't heard a note, lol. May 13th or so, the 1st (11 minute, lol) single.

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