Thursday, July 14, 2011

Jazzkamikaze - Future Blaster (2011) (1.0) 2 new songs

7/14/11 5:30AM
"Volcano" clip

it says "Return of Jazzkamikaze Fall 2011". So Fall this should be out (hopefully).

5/28/11 9:46AM

Facebook post with In Studio Footage

I dig the guitar solo.

3/31/11 9:47AM

facebook wall post

Alright everybody!!! Get ready... Check out a snippet from our album-to-be-released-later-this-year.... FUTURE BLASTER!

1 minute 05 second snippet

1/21/11 5:15PM


2 new songs are on their myspace "Fatine" and "Rafters"..still hoping to see news about their next album soon beyond their latest post on facebook

is working... on something... old school... yet completely fresh

as they posted about spending a fair amount of time in the studio last Summer, and with those 2 new tracks (which are both good by the way), the next album seems like it could come rather soon. But without a lot of info specifically about it, a Summer or Fall release might be likely if it comes this year.

Oh, and I still loathe myspace. Hopefully within a few years it is literally a dire wasteland. As every time I go there, firefox slows down horribly.