Friday, July 8, 2011

Torchwood: Miracle Day (2011)

7/8/11 3:20PM

It finally returns/premieres tonight!

5/23/11 4:40PM

nice trailer. It looks like the Dichen Lachman who played "Sierra" on Dollhouse is in this. But it doesn't appear to take place in Cardiff, from this trailer.

5/6/11 5:42PM

The return of Torchwood the Summer of 2011, as it was announced last Summer, has finally been confirmed. "Miracle Day" is the title of the series that will premiere on July 8th, 2011 on both the BBC and the American Starz! network.

1 of a handful of interviews on Youtube about it.

Bill Pullman and Lauren Ambrose among others join the cast. It is filmed in LA, which I'm kind at a wait and see about. Part of what made/makes Torchwood what it is, is the British aspect to the show (like Doctor Who), and the part about Cardiff being the epicenter or central location for "Alien Activity."

Is this new series going to take place in Cardiff still? And if so, why is it being filmed in LA?

Russell T Davies I don't believe is working on this anymore, more than likely, just as an executive producer at most. That actually may make or break how good it is. But who knows, perhaps it'll be even better than the previous 3 series. The Starz! network has brought some good shows to tv recently (namely Party Down), so I have some optimism about this.

This along with Breaking Bad and the USA Network shows are among the shows I'm rather excited for this coming Summer.