Friday, July 22, 2011

Beavis and Butt-head - RETURNS!

7/22/11 2:21PM

A clip shown at Comic-Con (I haven't watched it yet tho. Hopefully it won't be pulled anytime soon).

2/3/11 12:17AM


Confirming reports that first surfaced last summer, MTV announced today that Beavis and Butt-head is returning with new episodes. Mike Judge is back as the main creative force, and of course, the voice of the title characters, who were last seen in a cameo in Jackass 3D. reports that MTV made the announcement at their Upfront presentation in New York today. The network hasn't revealed yet when the new episodes will debut.

Wow. I have about a "bazillion" (as they say on the show) thoughts, or potential thoughts about this. Let's see how much I can cover here.

a) This is one of my favorite television shows or any kind of humor/entertainment of any kind to exist. So, for that fact, this is a REALLY big deal.

b) I have often wondered what the show would be like now. Technology, the internet, cellphones, ipods, I mean in the 14 years since it went off the air, a lot has changed. Technology, the music industry, reality shows. There's a WEALTH of pop-culture resources to use in an updated version of the show, now in 2011.

c) Could this hurt or taint the legacy of the show? I would hope not, but part of me is a little worried about this.

d) Is this a sign of desperation on Mike Judge's part? I would hope not, but part of me can't avoid asking that question. Why now? the economy? lack of success/jobs for his other work?

e) I have never, I don't believe, had something this significant in terms of my entertainment interests, return like this. TV movies/specials, or even feature films I suppose. But it's a bit like if Cheers came back now. Or in a looser sense, for people who loved the original Star Trek, when The Next Generation and Deep Space 9 came in. Or Galactica more recently.

e2) and along those lines. Could this taint the originals legacy? As long as they have Mike Judge doing most of the work he did on the original, I have hope. Although, part of me wonders if Judge himself will be able to hit on as many cylinders now, so many years later, like he did with the original show. I mean look at The Simpsons now? case in point.

So, those points all in mind, to say this is something that I'm excited about would be true. This almost feels like in 2006-2009 anticipation and then realization of the Soundscape album coming out. Huge levels of nostalgia. I think the nostalgia factor may allow this to work, at least to a point, no matter how good or not-as-good it actually is.


Now, maybe a Deep Space 9 movie/mini-series/reunion will happen too. That actually might top this for me, if that's possible. Or Freaks and Geeks as well.