Tuesday, July 26, 2011

A Bend In the Road (Bend Sinister/Canadian Rock Doc)

I probably should write up more about this, but for now, I'll just say this documentary is both eye opening and depressing in many ways. I do like seeing members of People For Audio and The Most Serene Republic in here (along with Mahogany Frog who I know), along with Brasstronaut at the end.

The best thing to say, if it could do any amount of good is, MORE PEOPLE SHOULD SEE THIS. It is the hard, cold truth about touring, having 12 people show up for your gig. It's heartbreaking, not only for Bend Sinister who I of course heart immensely, but the other bands struggling.

The 2 bands I thought of who I wanted to see but didn't were the Eastern Canada acts Bruce Peninsula and Neverending White Lights. I wonder if Bend Sinister knows them or has toured with them since this footage which is a few years old now.

Also to add, reading about the lineup changes, I love them, but I follow why Spring Romance was more piano-driven music. I guess when their next full length comes out (maybe in 2011 still), I kind of don't expect it to have as much guitar featured songs like their other albums. But I'd like to be surprised by that of course.