Thursday, April 7, 2011

Tangled Thoughts of Leaving - TBA (2011) (1.0)

4/7/11 11:37PM

This album is gonna rule. Everything I hear and read about it keeps upping the ante. Here's their latest teaser

2/20/11 12:58PM

a new/2nd Teaser was just posted. They've also been updating a lot of stuff about the album on their facebook page recently. So, info about this record I would imagine isn't too far away.

12/22/10 12:20PM
This Australian post-rock band I came across, I recall either sometime in 2009, or perhaps even in 2008 when they released their debut EP Tiny Fragments. I think what drew me to them most is how they use piano really well. That, and how they do have some of the "post" sound, but don't sound like the stereotypical "post" music.

So naturally, I have been wondering when something would come from them next. Last Summer I remember they even got the chance to open for Karnivool. But their 1st full-length has been in the works for awhile from reading their blogs on myspace and facebook posts.

Well they posted some stuff just today
myspace post

Hello out there.

We have loads of news, exciting times in TToL land!

First up, we have a new website:

It has a few nice things on there, including a couple of full live sets in video. Check it out.

Secondly, we are recording our debut full length album. We built a new studio to make sure it gets done properly...

We'll be providing a whole lot more updates soon, including videos from the studio. We are very happy with the direction of the album... but we'll try not to talk it up too much just yet.

Lastly, we have a new video clip - our first ever video clip! - for 'A Vexing Predicament'. We released this song last year, but some dudes made a clip for it as part of their diploma - and it turned out reeeeal nice! So we have decided to release it officially. Have a look:

so, great to read about more info on this. They at least are 1 band who'll put out their debut record in 2011.

And for those who may be wondering, no, this is not the band whose album has a review on the verge of being reviewed on this blog. Although, TToL and that band will share a debut-album-year I suppose for that reason.