Thursday, July 21, 2011

Jimmy Gnecco News: (The Heart re-release/Weathervane)

Interesting interview, 1st off the frequent praise of Mercy and stressing how still not enough people even heard it, which I would totally echo, in fact I probably haven't echoed enough even on this blog. Mercy is a 5-star record that Rick Rubin's name is on as the producer (for what that actually means), yet even with Rubin getting a Grammy Nomination for its mix I recall, it really never got talked about like it should have. Hip4k I don't think even reviewed it, nor did 89.3 or Radio K ever play anything off of it. But they still could of course. Will they? I probably have a better chance getting my own Technical Death Metal show on 89.3, than that happening.

But also in that interview, it's good to hear info about his current work. The Heart is being re-released and re-arranged, and initially coming out in Europe. The way he describes the difference in the songs, and adding strings, layers, electric guitar, has me pretty curious (even tho I'm a huge fanboy anyway, The Heart didn't end up as great as I hoped last year. Maybe revisiting it would help).

And then the info that I was just reading about this project Weathervane here on the Ours forum, and Weathervane made music for the soundtrack for the film Head Hunters. If I'm getting this all correctly.

Sample of a song/interview here with Paul and Jimmy.

This musician Paul Waaktaar-Savoy I guess is one of if not the main creative force behind a-ha.

I'm curious what this may lead to as that song is pretty good, albeit a little different than Ours and Jimmy's solo music.