Tuesday, July 19, 2011

The Gloomcatcher - Starla Over the Fences [EP] (2011) (1.0)

7/15/11-7/17/11-7/19/11 9:AM
it should be available this coming Tuesday, July 19th.


1. Younger Wives 04:27
2. Junelight 04:40
3. Cinevexions 03:41
4. Sleep Now Westward 02:18
5. Horses 04:13
6. The Wayfarer's Daughter 02:43
5/29/11 11:48AM

facebook announcement

The new EP - Starla Over The Fences - will be out July 19, 2011

So, here's looking at an incredibly busy and prolific schedule this Summer for Jessy.

6/28/11: Falling Up - Your Sparkling Death Cometh
7/19/11 The Gloomcatcher - Starla Over the Fences EP
9/2011: The River Empires - Mars/Brighton II + Documentary

also he is to appear on The Dear Hunter's The Color Spectrum which is released on June 14th. Wow. They say I'M "a machine" with music intake. I don't seem to have much of anything on Jessy ;).

facebook post

"Guess what I'm currently working on??? A little EP that I was supposed to release in October last year."

I read a quote I thought Jessy Ribordy saying that he's working on this EP due to the fact the timing of the next The River Empires album was delayed more than he anticipated. Sort of as another thing to put out for the fans of his work until TRE's. And as that says, this EP was supposed to be released last year actually. I recall seeing a few posts from him or others about that.

Slow Chorale, the debut record from TGC was pretty good. I think the stuff on this EP is going to be some songs (or ideas for songs) that he hadn't finished, but were written (came up with) during the same time as the music on Slow Chorale. So to expect vast differences in the music on this from SC might not make sense.

But regardless, this is something to look forward to along with the new Falling Up record, and then likely in the fall sometime, Mars/Brighton II the 2nd LP from The River Empires. And soon, as it may even be released digitally before the new Falling Up record.