Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Battle Circus RIP


I can't claim to be surprised, but it sucks being won over by another band and to see it happen. Most bands have a shelf life. I'll likely try and write more about this soon, but if not, certainly around the end of the year in my Albums Index as their debut record will certainly be well represented.

For all the folks who never caught on to them, well, you can still do so, but their end can't be blamed on myself. All I can say is it's a shame, and it sure would be nice if more people online would help me out here and take faith in bands like this I suggest.

facebook announcement

We are sorry to announce that Battle Circus disbanded. We hope that you have enjoyed the music as much as we have enjoyed your support and although Battle Circus has come to an end, Marcel will continue to write under another project and you will find updates here regarding it's progress.

Our debut album is still available. We’re very proud to have this as a permanent record of the band’s time together.

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