Monday, January 9, 2012

The Royal Veil - The Royal Veil [2012 EP]

The Royal Veil Cover Art

1 False Kings 5:30
2 Why? 5:23
3 Spiraling Lights 5:13
4 Trip* 12:14

Wow, some of this is totally badass. Very riffy, intricate, and not boring or repetitive. But also dark, textured, trippy and sludgey at times.

I've known Steve Bergquist, The Royal Veil's drummer, for a few years now from seeing him at shows. Their bassist Andy Klockow I first met when he played with SOAP to perform the entire Animals record from Pink Floyd live.

I got to see them a few times last year, including at the "Prog Gasm" at the 400 Bar last Spring with some other talented up-and-coming progressive rock bands in Minnesota (Brice Plays Drums namely), and certainly was optimistic about what and when they may release their 1st music, officially anyway.

So, I just purchased and listened to this 4 Track Self-Titled debut EP of theirs. And even just the 1st time hearing it, via my PC here at home, I'm already more impressed than I might have expected.

Comparisons can be made to Pink Floyd and especially The Mars Volta. But also groups like Mastodon or Tool.

I've already heard enough to know I'm going to be playing this EP of theirs a lot this year. I knew they were good, but they just hadn't released anything. Now that they have, they probably go with The Book of Right On, Between Two Skies, Lehto & Wright, Greg Herriges and Brice Plays Drums among my favorite acts, progressive or otherwise in Minnesota.

Hopefully more people will catch on in 2012 as well with this EP and seeing them live.

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