Sunday, January 22, 2012

Lost Lander - DRRT (2012)

I'm enjoying a lot of this debut album from this new Portland group Brent Knopf of Ramona Falls/ex-Menomena, worked with.

They use fuzzy guitar, piano, vocal harmonies, strings, and a lot of other things that I often enjoy in music. Chamber College-Rock of sorts.

Kind of cool how in the encoding of the mp3's from their Bandcamp page, the lyrics show up on at least Windows Media Player I use.

The bandcamp finds in 2012, especially from bands that are working-with or even just promoted on artists facebook pages that I already know/like. It seems to be what I am digging the most this year so far.

I guess it could be safe to say, 2012: the year of or the year of the "Bandcamp finds." We'll see if I discover 1 every week, I'll have 50+ newly discovered artists just from said website.

Also for some reason, a lot of them hail from Portland, Oregon (Norhern Abbey, Forest Park, now these guys). Maybe I need to go visit or even move there? lol.

Lost Lander on Facebook