Saturday, January 21, 2012

Metal Genealogy Chart:

So, there's only 3 episodes left I guess of Metal Evolution on VH1 Classic.

1/21: "Shock Rock"
1/28: "Power Metal"
2/4: "Progressive Metal"

so in reading about the rest of the series, and of course in each episode + going back to Metal: A Headbanger's Journey they show the 26-subgenre Chart. So I wanted to actually take a detailed look at said 26-subgenre chart and the bands which Sam Dunn and co.include.


It's interesting where he puts certain bands, like Opeth for example, under "Goth Metal"? (and not "Swedish Death Metal" or even "Progressive Metal"..and there is no "Scandinavian Black Metal" only "Norweigan Black Metal")

I wonder if this series has been/is successful enough, if said other subgenre's could be featured in a continuation of this series.

It's also interesting how some bands (specifically progressive-related) are nowhere to found in there: Between the Buried and Me? Pain of Salvation? Angra? King's X? etc.

That all being said, I am looking forward to the "Progressive Metal" episode in a few weeks. Although for some reason I'm expecting it to include the expected names:
Rush, Dream Theater, Queensryche.
Pain of Salvation, BTBAM? likely not.
Tool or Porcupine Tree might be more likely.