Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Flying Colors - TBA (The Storm?) (the Morse's, Portnoy)

1/10/12 8:49PM

Mike just posted this on twitter a bit ago

• For all those who have been asking: Flying Colors info is coming TOMORROW!! Stay tuned... #MPin2012

maybe a new song or some samples will be included in this announcement coming tomorrow. Either way, it'll be nice to finally get more details about it.

11/9/11 12:17AM

So I was quoted by Portnoy himself on his forum earlier


I wonder if naming the band Morse Code would be too easy/obvious?

We kicked that name around for a minute and Steve told us he tried to use that name years ago and couldn't because somebody already used or trademarked it...

I can confirm (as Brauer already spilled the beans) that the band name is indeed Flying Colors...

More info coming very soon!

Flying Colors? weird, my cousin's violin/harpsichord/+other instruments baroque project has a similar name in "Flying Forms."

I guess I'll have to mention the similarity to him, even though he nor his wife have ever heard any music from Mike or anyone else involved with this project.

At any case, it's good to finally start to get more pieces to this puzzle after nearly a year.
This MMPLM aka Flying Colors project's 1st album is due in March from what Mike posted a few days ago. And just this evening he posted on twitter:

MP listening to the playback of The Storm by Portnoy, Morse, Morse, LaRue & MacPherson - Electric Ladyland Studios NYC.

So maybe a song is titled "The Storm" or the album is? one or the other (or both?)

I should add a lot more in this blog as the information continues. All I really need to know is a couple of comparisons (made by Portnoy mind you) this project received earlier this year were U2 and especially Jellyfish and Kevin Gilbert in style.

Nuff said for now.