Monday, January 16, 2012

Forest Park - Forest Park [EP] (2012)

1/16/12 8:34AM

Edit: the WHOLE EP is there to stream. It should be available to download soon as well.

Awesome EP. The drumwork and the trumpet among other things really standout on that last track "Landscapes."

These guys are without question one of my favorite new discoveries for 2012 (maybe along with Northern Abbey). Granted, it's only 15 days into the year, but I'd be surprised if this doesn't end up on the 2012 Album Index.

Terrific EP. Maybe more material will come by the end of the year as well.

Forest Park EP Cover Art

1. Golden 10:11
2. The Sun 06:06
3. Landscapes 08:13

1/13/12 2:13AM
um, wow. You know, when you hear a band you don't expect to be anything but derivative, and they are not? I just streamed this song from this project called Forest Park and totally love it! This is how Post-Rock should sound, or at least how the traditional "Post-Rock" sound works and doesn't get boring to me.

How did I hear about this? The Portland, OR band Typhoon posted a preview video to this project's new upcoming EP on their page. I think some of the members of Typhoon are involved with Forest Park.

Anyway, call me their newest fan. Really great stuff. Love the female vocal textures and trumpet especially.