Saturday, January 7, 2012

Jessy Ribordy Chat

I just noticed this over on The Dear Hunter fans forum, a live chat I guess he did the other night.

Not a ton of details, but he's shooting for another album (Mars/Brighton II) for The River Empires this year. And he's writing the next Falling Up album.Apparently a new forum may come soon for fans of Falling Up and/or The River Empiers.

10:00 basic band info
10:03 music video in the works
10:05 Remix EP (like the quadra remix!!!) out in a month or so hopefully!
10:07 first show coming up soon (saturday?) portland, or
10:08 working on new music this year!
10:10 Q&A time
10:11 will play old FU songs in their shows
10:12 concerning YSDC: he's a fiction/sci-fi writer, so Fangs was natural. YSDC is fiction that shows emotion. "narrative is about hope in the most dire times."
10:15 story preview? more tweets incoming. fangs + river empires + cellar door info @JessyCalvin
10:16 second RE album? (duh.) shooting for release this year.

10:17 what does MSCRON stand for? mascaron (wiki it!) kid goes to hospital, finds out he has some sort of cancer, it's too late. "It's that moment when you find out you're not invincible." (my question, suckas)

10:21 fangs 2? definitely. wants to finish the story, of course. no eta.
10:23 gloomcatcher on spotify/itunes? maybe. semirant about pirating vs. spotify and how it benefits the artist. (possibly vs. probably not)
10:25 collab with owl city? (wtf.) tactfully denied.
10:26 uk dates? open to the idea.
10:27 hobbies? writing and music, hiking and camping. not a gamer. not big into sports. "I'm kinda a workoholic."
10:30 diamnds? just because. likes how the word looks without vowels. hahaha
10:32 talking about his writing, concept of finding the light in a dark situation.
10:34 what is Vates? it is a thing he made up, apparently. he won't explain more because it is integral to several stories. (!!!!!!!)
10:36 what inspired you to start the band? following his heart. he considers it his job. "doesn't feel like doing anything else."
10:37 story as a video game? he had an idea, but since he's not into gaming...
10:39 message at the end of darkspeed? story-related. he's planting easter eggs.
10:40 are you still a christian? gets asked that a lot. "It's not about what I say...(compares to C.S. Lewis, sci-fi/fiction with possible hints of metaphor)...i would love for people to maybe look at our waiting to see the whole thing."
10:44 something about demon hunter??? no idea, didn't listen.
10:45 was captiva a proto-fangs? (my q!) YES! FREAKING CALLED IT.
10:48 Circadian meaning? basically a "hold on, don't freak out yet." moment, "hear us out", so to speak. More about the music industry, and how it works/their place in it. "I can write a song, and it can kinda defend ourselves."
10:54 acoustic album? not likely.
10:54 why do the song titles make no sense? (lol'd) he likes watching trailers, sometimes more than the actual movies. to him a song title is like a trailer.

10:57 loses his place in the questions, hahaha.
10:58 pick one song from each album to keep. exit lights: islander. captiva: dark side of indoor track meets. fangs!: --QUESTION ABANDONED--
11:00 take lessons? not so much. watches and learns.
11:00 new merch? new t-shirts.
11:01 new fan-submission place? website in the works! new something sometime.
11:02 song titles from captiva? picked one: dark side of indoor track meets was written at an indoor track meet.
11:07 have you matured in your faith since starting FU? thinks yes. doesn't like the word 'maturing' necessarily. more like growing in a relationship.
11:10 meaning of The Dark Side of Indoor Track Meets? you can try everything, until you reach the point that grace has to step in.
11:11 gypsy in TRE? DENIED.
11:11 what in your musical career would you do differently? Not be afraid to do his own thing. (makes sense, given his troubles with popular perception and industry/labels)
11:14 uke on any sort of album? yes. his dad is hawaiian(!)
11:15 waffles or pancakes? NEITHER.
11:15 unofficial forum? greenlight. (I'll be making that shortly.)
--getting more sporadic. will update if he evens out.--
--confession: I am just being lazy. this liveblog stuff is tedious.--

11:23 josh shroy? still around, doing more mixing.
11:26 do you worry that your stories will tangle up/leave loose ends? sometimes. but optimistic.
11:27 inspiration behind Oceans? a basic love song. written before fangs! (!)
11:28 to collab with? paul mccartney
11:29 favorite topic to write about? sci-fi. idea of characters knowing something beforehand, allowing for very deliberate (and possibly confusing) actions.
11:33 favorite song to record? MSCRON. recorded in two takes with a "secret weapon pedal" for some swoopy synthy guitars.
11:36 influences: henry mancini. 80s & 90s pop. Ben Folds - Rock in the Suburbs. Incubus - Make Yourself.
11:39 closing comments. thanks for fannage. j/k.
11:39 thoughts on kickstarter? likes it.
11:40 watched lost? YES. rant time: lost covered so many subjects (sci-fi wise: time travel, mythology, aliens, science, ghosts, etc.) so new things that use the same ideas get compared to lost. (does sound annoying.)
11:43 favorite shows: firefly, mad men, dr. who, lost
11:43 signing off again. enjoyed teh chat. will set up again. "You guys are the best. You guys are awesome. I love you."
11:45 "Okay....have to find out how to get this thing off..." cut to black.