Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Kimbra - Cameo Lover ([Disco-like] Remix)/Article

I just noticed Kimbra post a link to this article on twitter which includes this "Cameo Lover" remix by someone named Shook. It's kind of odd remix, in that it makes the song sound like a disco tune. I'm not sure if it's good or bad really.

Also the article is from "New Philadelphia" which makes me curious if that's a city/area of NZ or Australia. But what it talks about, her song "Good Intent" showing up on the popular-yet-long-since-jumping-the-shark Drama series Grey's Anatomy. And the curiosity about how the American music industry will appreciate her and her album Vows when it gets released in the States this year.

I just wish these people would stop comparing her to Florence and the Machine. She sounds really nothing like them. But I suppose it's just the token easy comparison because they have nothing else as well known to compare her to. Except Imogen Heap or Janelle Monáe ?..but of course it doesn't happen.

Kimbra - Cameo Lover (Shook Remix) by Shook (Official)