Thursday, January 26, 2012

Exotic Animal Petting Zoo - Tree of Tongues (2012)

Mediaskare Records link

Soundcloud Link to stream the new song "Apis Bull"
(why they are such anal sob's not allowing people to embed it is baffling, but as their site is named metalsucks, they are good at *sucking* in the helping out blogs like mine, department)

As I recall posting last year, I initially really liked this band and their debut album I Have Made My Bed In Darkness. However, after taking it in enough, the hardcore screaming, especially with it so-high-in-the-mix was a turn-off and and too much of a distraction. So much so, I don't recall if it even made my top 50 albums in 2008.

But the sad thing is, these guys have enough prog to their sound, I really enjoyed them. So I and I would guess some others who read/might-find this blog would also be intrigued to hear this 2nd record of theirs.

The new song has that same upfront punk-screaming in it, I'm starting to get skeptical again. But then again, recently I revisited Refused and have grown to enjoy some of that kind of screaming. However, I'm not sure it's so high in the mix, as this new song or EAPZ's debut album.