Friday, March 26, 2010

We Valedictorians - The Goon (2010..1.0)

3/26/10 10:55PM

Last night at the "Afton Showcase" at the Varsity Theater (in between watching as much of the basketball at "The Library" Pub across the street) I saw what was kind of a hybrid/fill-in combo platter of WV, Total Babe and the 3rd group name I'm blanking on (Howl something?). And I got to hang out with Jordan Gatesmith, Clara Salyer (from Total Babe), Evan Murnane (cello in WV), Satavee Kijsanayotin (violin) their (new) drummer Jason "Range" Capecchi (I think it was) and some others.

But Jordan told me the deal with their debut 8-track LP/EP/Mini-Album is it should be released in May finally. A cd release show is to happen on May 14th at the Triple Rock Social Club. I recall Jordan told me. I'm all well and looking forward to that, or I was until I realized May 14th is the same day Jimmy Gnecco is opening (as confusing as that is) for Greg Laswell at The Entry.

If these 2 shows are in fact the same night, I'm going to have to find a way to see both. Because I can't skip Jimmy solo. I've never seen him solo. But missing WV's cd release show seems pretty un-thinkable for me.

worst case scenario: I go to see Jimmy and then takeoff and stop in to the Triple Rock after he's done. WV's presumably will be playing more shows over the Spring/Summer just to support this record locally. The timing might not be so bad if WV's either go on rather late or early 5 or 6pm-ish being an all-ages show. Or another act gets added to the bill with Jimmy and Greg Laswell, which it appears is an 8pm doors which means 9 or later for the music.

Or perhaps I heard Jordan wrong on the date.

At least they are close enough, only parking should be an obstacle. But the event/concert conflicts always seem to find me of course, lol.