Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Foals - Total Life Forever (2010)

3/22/10-3/23 7:28PM-2:16AM


Video for the new single "This Orient"


interesting and still different from their previous record's sound. But not as good as "Spanish Sahara"

3/4/10 1:12AM

A new song

really surprised, impressed and more optimistic about this album after hearing that. It sounds like they may be moving in new, better directions. And possibly be stripping their obvious influences away to a point.

2/19/10 11:32PM

I just noticed this on rateyourmusic and Foals's last.fm. Foals, a band who seem to quote other bands, almost blatantly, but still managed to have their songs be enjoyable. They really are the hybrid of Minus the Bear and Bloc Party in many ways.

While this hardly is a HUGE deal to look forward to, I enjoyed 2008's "Antidotes" enough to have optimism with this.

Also it has a drop date of May 10th

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