Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Shattered - Shipwrecked EP/Demo (2010)

3/2/10 1:45AM

2/28/10 1:27PM

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Artwork as far as I know, still hasn't been made available. It's expected to be released in some form in March 2010.

But the recording/mixing/mastereing of this new collection of tracks finally is. And they have a pretty impressive new singer named Matt Davis. Who of course is not to be confused with the What About Brian star of the same name


Shipwrecked EP/Demo
1. The Fury (5:00)
2. Shipwrecked (4:37)
3. The Walk of Death (6:47)
4. Eternal Burn (5:04)

I have only been able to hear the original drafts of 2 tracks with headphones, and just this weekend the finished 4-track EP/Demo via small pc speakers, and not through headphones as I like to. But early impressions are pretty favorable for these guys.

I guess, thus far, the best part(s) or my favorite moments from these 4 songs are the guitar work, namely the solos on "Eternal Burn" and "Shipwrecked" I beleieve it was.

Are they re-inventing the wheel? no, not really. Although if you heard the original Majesty Demo that Dream Theater made, or even the "Hereafter" demo Reality aka Pain of Salvation made, you might not say they were either (if they were).

But certainly, these songs show promise. And as Josh, their drummer, has told me, they have a plan for a full-length concept album soon, so this very well may be them just getting their feet wet.

Of course seeing this and some others of late (Graham Butler), makes me interested to start to get-going with my own music. And the software issue, at least initially, I'm not sure is/would-be an actual problem I face. However, something that may pose a problem (besides time and procrastination) quite possibly is my living situation. I.e. where I would do any recording in order to avoid disturbing some neighbors who live below me. But, shit should hit the fan one way or another and I will either figure out a system and/or be moving units in my current place. When that is finally a reality, I hope to finally actually try doing something. As that was a goal/resolution of mine for 2010.

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