Thursday, March 4, 2010

Periphery: - Periphery (2010)

3/4/10 12:54AM
"Light" is there

sounds decent.

Icarus Lives can be streamed hera

I'm not so sure about this track.

track list? I can't find one anywhere right now.

I guess the drums are programmed, blech. The new singer sounds okay I guess from pc speakers.

This may be a feast or famine deal. production quality may kill my interest in this album. But then again, they sound potentially really good, like as good if not better than a band like Painted in Exile. But this "Djent" and almost pure 'Core style seems to blur and bores me to death at times.

Then again, this is just a debut record.

1/20/10 11:27PM

4/20/10 Self-titled debut album drops.

Sumerian Records Newsletter

Periphery have announced their new full time vocalist Spencer Sotelo who can be seen with the band live on the upcoming Veil of Maya, Animals As Leaders, Circle of Contempt tour starting January 29th - February 20th. The band has also been confirmed to support Kittie and God Forbid from May 3rd - May 11th. Their self titled debut album will hit stores everywhere April 20th.

They have a singer finally, they are finishing up recording their album. And I worry that the cymbals are horribly clipping as a result of compression, based on those quick samples.

Oh and their tours are not coming to Minnesota (no surprise).

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