Friday, March 5, 2010

In Plain Sight - Season 3 Premiere Wed 3/31/10

Interesting how they're moving it to Wednesday evenings. The whole 1 show-per night thing may continue, but chances are Psych will go back to Fridays. Although, by the time Psych 5th Season begins, IPS may be already done (16 weeks from 3/31? *looks at calendar*..

scratch that. If IPS didn't take a week off, and went 16-straight weeks, Psych could come back on Wednesdays and replace it in Mid July.

Damn, what happened to the Friday-Night psych tradition?

regardless, I'm looking forward to this new season of IPS. Marshall + Mary should hook up, but the writers are trying to avoid that all-too-common shark-jumping scenario.

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