Friday, March 26, 2010

Annuals - Sweet Sister [EP] (2010)

3/26/10 10:24PM

the whole ep can be streamed here with registration/sign-in required

this does sound like an obvious extension of "Such Fun"..which isn't a bad result, but like I posted below, I think this band can get away with changing. Perhaps more new things will be in store with their next full-length.

2/17/10 12:13AM

you can hear a new song from it and the artwork+tracklist is below. "Loxstep" the new song is good, although not vastly different from "Such Fun" (2008)

And they've released ep's in the past. I guess I'm looking forward to this and seeing them live again of course as that link states they will be touring this Spring.

But with their next full-length I am hoping they mix things up some and strip some of the music down. I recall speaking with 1 of the guys from Local Natives about "Such Fun" and how it has a "glitzy" production. Which isn't bad, and in a lot of ways makes it great to hear. But I like this group, so much so, that I think they are good enough to change styles and still progress. heck, even just some extended percussion of course hehe.


1. Loxtep
2. Turncloaking
3. Sweet Sister
4. Holler and Howl
5. Flesh and Blood

1/20/10 1:42AM

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This new EP is due on March 30th from one of my favorite live bands over the last few years. And their studio work has usually been pretty damn good. Experimental Psych-Pop..a group who universally are all fans of the band Yes.

I may or may not have featured them before here, but if not, they need more love.


I suspect this new EP may not be their only work in 2010. In 2008, their new lp sort of came out of nowhere as I had no idea it was going to be so soon after their last (2 years). So a full-length may also be in-store for them. If not, 2011 would be very likely barring some unforeseen circumstances.

Oh and they need to go on tour with Local Natives, since Annuals is the only band who really deserve a comparison of the modern bands, to LN's. But will any of these indie lemmings who can't avoid but give LN's the Arcade Fire/Vampire Weekend comparisons. They likely don't listen to music very least like I do.

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