Monday, March 1, 2010

Kevin Gilbert Performs Toy Matinee Live (2010)

3/1/10 6:11PM

released today.


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Last Plane Out
Things She Said
Remember My Name
There Was a Little Boy
Queen of Misery
Turn it on Salvador
The Ballad of Jenny Ledge
Toy Matinee
Funeral For A Friend
We Always Come Home

I hope the booklet has something extra, which I suspect it will.
Also a rematser of THUD I guess with demos and some other goodies may not be too far away. The Shaming of the True Vinyl possibly as well. The sales of this and the Nuts/Bolts/Welcome to Joytown are going to impact if/when they do get released.

I find it interesting that in the time I really got into KG, 2004-present, it wasn't until last year that his estate released anything in that time. I guess it means a little more with that wait.

Also in less than 1-month, on March 31st, KG's estate will select 10 winners of autographed copies of the 1st Giraffe cd 'The Power of Suggestion."

So the KG stuff is still on the minds even a number of months after those releases last fall.

2/17/10 11:07PM

Available March 1st

"Kevin Gilbert Performs Toy Matinee Live" is out. This brilliant performance, beautifully recorded at Los Angeles’s renowned Roxy on May 1, 1991, was mixed and produced by Kevin and mastered by John Cuniberti. The band includes luminaries Marc Bonilla, Spencer Campbell, Toss Panos and Sheryl Crow with a guest appearance by Tim Pierce. This CD is a must have for any Toy Matinee or Kevin fan.

The likely track-list
1 Last Plane Out 6:29
2 Things She Said 5:15
3 Remember My Name 6:10
4 There Was a Little Boy 8:15
5 Queen of Misery 4:41
6 Turn it on Salvador 7:35
7 The Ballad of Jenny Ledge 7:44
8 The Toy Matinee 5:37
9 Love Lies Bleeding 7:34

yes, this means a fair amount to me, as ANYTING Kevin Gilbert related to be released does. Perhaps beyond the mastering, this release will include some extra live tracks and something neat in the booklet, much like the Toy Matinee Special Edition (and DVD-A I imagine) did.

But we do need to know a couple of things still.

a) whether it will actually be released on March 1st. How many times has his estate pushed things back?

b) if it will in fact be released as a hardcopy compact disc. The blurb there doesn't say. But I am assuming it is.

c) is this the actual Roxy show. Toy Matinee did tour, but sadly, not all that many of their shows are available. The Roxy show is usually regarded as 1 of the only recordings.

Also notice how the title of the show was changed. I would guess it wasn't called or listed under the Toy Matinee name due to cost or legal reasons. Perhaps the word/name "Roxy" as well. But the title almost suggests it is a recording of a show Kevin performed everything solo/alone. I don't think so, but certainly a bit of a twist on the title many people expected it to be.

I guess this also means I shall be hitting his site multiple times per day until a link and info about this release is given. Thank goodness March 1st is less than 2 weeks away, lol.

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Unknown said...

This is EXCELLENT! If it's the performance I've heard before, in DAT quality, this is *DEFINITELY* worth the purchase. I can't wait, and yes; I'll be happy to purchase it, even though I already have a perfect FLAC copy. ;) It'll only go to support future KG releases.