Sunday, March 21, 2010

Tangled Thoughts of Leaving - Contextually Inept (2010)

their debut full-length is coming out in a few months I guess, but they put up a free (320) download of a new song today called "Contextually Inept"

wow, pretty much the cat's ass.

go hear it.

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download page

ftr: I still don't like the word "contextually" or "contextualize." I understand what it means, but it's like "in all actuality"..why not say "actually" or "in context" instead? lol.

but as far as TTOL, another nice "post" band from down under. The Tool/Chevelle-clones I couldn't be paid to listen to again, but along with Ne Obliviscaris (an entry about them shouldn't be too far away given my recent discovery of them and their debut lp also dropping soon), and some others, they do have a nice roster of bands from down there still (Silverchair is another).