Friday, July 13, 2012

Pepe Deluxé - Go Supersonic [Video/EP]

Given I can't watch the video with sound right now, it may lose something. I do need to try and send in an Email about what's in Section Number 9.

Facebook Posting

VIDEO OF THE WEEK – GO SUPERSONIC. Plus free music and the Deluxé Edition!

Finally it’s here: our homage to the glorious age of Hi-Fi, when speakers were big and far apart, many people actually built their own systems and portable meant "with a forklift."

To celebrate the release of the video, you can now download the entire Go Supersonic EP for free!

We also need some help from you: we would REALLY like to know what’s in the factory sealed section number 9 of the Nexus? Email your answer to info(at) with the subject “Section number 9” ... and you might win a Queen of the Wave Deluxé Edition! Feel free to post your answer here too: we do pick the winner randomly.

I just realized they have a few other EP's of sorts such as this one with a lot of remixes.