Thursday, July 26, 2012

Archive - With Us Until You're Dead [& Wiped Out/Violently EP] (2012)

7/26/12 5:44PM

New interview with Danny Griffiths and the track list is below. I like how he says Violently is not exactly indicative of the whole record, which reminds me of Controlling Crowds and its diversity.

01. Wiped Out 6:20
02. Interlace 4:43
03. Stick Me In My Heart 3:57
04. Conflict 5:01
05. Violently 6:24
06. Calm Now 3:53
07. Silent 5:39
08. Twisting 4:02
09. Things Going Down 1:52
10. Hatchet 4:16
11. Damage 6:50
12. Rise 2:49

Previews of each track here

edit: the previews may not yet be available as they're not playing for me.

5/24/12 2:10PM

Pretty excited for this as Controlling Crowds was awesome, and a great comeback of sorts back in 2009. The Orchestra inclusion adds intrigue among other things just reading that write up from their facebook page.

August 27th for the LP, and July 2nd for the EP. Great these guys are still active compared to say their UK college-prog contemporaries like Oceansize and Pure Reason Revolution.

facebook post

ARCHIVE are set to return with the epic and beautiful new album With Us Until You’re Dead.

Produced by longtime collaborator Jerome Devoise, the album will be released on the band's own Dangervisit Records on 27th August 2012.
Part-orchestral, part-electronic, part-soulful, part-progressive and wholly emotion-soaked, the album is a cinematic and restlessly inventive landscape.

Talking about the new album Darius said “We've always written songs that focused on social and political issues but for this album I really wanted the songs to be more personal - love songs basically. But coming at the subject matter in that non-formatted Archive way.”

“I grew up a massive Otis Redding fan and I wanted to bring some of that soulfulness to the songs, but at the same time to make them twisted and experimental.”

First taster from the album comes in the form of the 'Wiped Out / Violently EP' released on July 2nd. Featuring remixes from the likes of Man Without Country, Sei A and Rosko John, the EP will be released on 12" and download formats.

'Violently' (“one of the darkest and most powerful songs we've ever done” Darius reckons) features new vocalist Holly Martin and comes with a suitably dark promo video directed by legendary graphic designer Brian Cannon who created album covers for Oasis and The Verve amongst others.