Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Warehouse 13: Season 2...(Premieres tonight 7/6/2010)

It starts tonight. Along with Caprica, it really is the only decent or good show on SyFy honestly. It was a fun show last season when it premiered. Saul Rubinek especially got me coming back to it. The objects that need to be retrieved and stored back in the Warehouse. Very much like a bigger, more global Friday the 13th: The Series or The Lost Room in some ways.

Roger Rees
was good as the antagonist. CCH Pounder is of course another good veteran actor, playing the boss of sorts.

And a few episodes in, they added the cute Claudia (Allison Scagliotti) to the cast, which of course added another reason to tune in. And cool enough, I have seen her appear on both Smallville, and the 1st season of Party Down since 1st seeing her on this show.

And actually the actress who plays Myka (Joanne Kelly) was on Castle last season, along with being in many other shows I've seen in recent years. Jeremiah namely.

I guess they are going to do a crossover episode with Eureka a show I've never found really worth my time. But once in awhile some guest star or plot on that show has me curious, so a crossover with this show may at least give it 1 week to tune-in. I guess both episodes said week, they will have characters from each on the others episode.

Damn, if only they did that more often, even just on same networks like Monk/Psych or now Psych/Royal Pains or something. The little ads where they do are NOT ENOUGH DAMNIT!

The biggest plot I recall they should address early-on I'd imagine is what will happen if they catch Leena (Genelle Williams) since she was undercover or double-crossed the warehouse by helping out McPherson.