Tuesday, July 13, 2010

East of the Wall IS coming to Minneapolis on July 24th!

For East of the Wall the progressive post/sludge (post-Tool) instrumental-now-having-vocals band/project related-to both The Postman Syndrome (they basically are them now) and Day Without Down,

it didn't seem too likely a concert date in Minneapolis could happen on their Summer tour this late in the booking game. Even though they had a date bookmarked for either Minneapolis/St.Paul or somewhere in Wisconsin (Madison) for July 24th. But when I tried contacting East of the Wall about it, I noticed most of the logical venues that would book them already had events scheduled (Triplerock, Station 4, The Entry even The Turf Club I think).

Well, by some good fortune, East of the Wall have now been confirmed to play at this very unknown (at least by me) Art Gallery in North East Minneapolis called Tarnish & Gold. With at least 2 other bands. 1 being called name and another local band called Iron Thrones.

And they are looking to set up at least 1 other local band on the bill if possible. I emailed Kevin from EotW back and also the band I would hope for I guess 1st and foremost to be added to the bill, Between Two Skies. But any number of others such as Empires or Nomia, or even my friend's band Shattered (who by the way, have a debut album expected now in October. Their new singer has improved a lot actually).

The other bands on the bill: name and Iron Thrones, I guess are on tour with East of the Wall. The myspace samples, save for my big beef with highly compressed cymbals, actually kind of impressed me. Both are kind of post-progressive and a bit sludgey at times. But I could see enjoying both. And of course East of the Wall who are a bit different now, as opposed to the all-instrumental A Farmers Almanac sound. But no matter, I am looking forward to seeing them 1-week from Saturday.

Also rather cool as the new album Ressentiment should be available to buy at that show (and it drops 1-week from today!)