Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Grammatics RIP (+ Farewell EP)

I have more to add maybe at some point, but for now, I'll just pass this news along. The UK indie-prog band who features cello, and whose self-titled debut album was one of the better albums from 2009, is another casualty.

Along with Gospel re-announcing their end yesterday, I've come to almost expect it again (maybe more on that soon).

The small consolation is they are going to release a final ep of sorts with the help of fans support.

Pledge introduction from Grammatics on Vimeo.

Grammatics will record and release a final EP before calling time on the project.

Why are we parting ways? We’ve had unequivocal highs and perilous lows, and finally it has come to it that we each seek to start fresh on similar and unfamiliar paths of life.

Humbly, we invite our fans to participate in unique and memorable opportunities that will accompany the final working days of Grammatics. The EP will be recorded and mixed in the first week of August in Bridlington with our close friend and producer of our album, James Kenosha.

Here, we will post pictures, videos, rough and rare recordings, updates from the studio, trinkets, digits and curios. We will provide insight into the functions and dysfunctions of the band.

Every pledger will receive a copy of our last ever recording (those who don’t opt for the limited edition CD will receive a download link) and the opportunity to experience previously closed and private moments, such as joining us at the mixing and mastering sessions or sitting in and experiencing the pomp and circumstance of a Grammatics rehearsal; or the opportunity to be written into history via the credits of the EP booklet.

This is a means for us to achieve all of our aims – to make a final document of a band in its last days; to settle our debts; to say thank you to a legion of fans that could be so easily fobbed off and forgotten.

Whatever you can afford, if it’s within your budget and you can do so, your help would make us forever grateful. You will not be charged anything unless our pledge goal is reached, so there is no risk of your money disappearing without the goods and/or services you’ve paid for.

We ask you to smile benevolently on this last heaving breath of our band and warmly invite you to share it with us.

I may pledge soon if that number (70%) doesn't go up much. I still haven't been able to even pick up their disc from last year yet.