Monday, July 26, 2010

Apes and Androids - Blood Moon artwork tribute of sorts

As someone who frankly, can't get enough of anything and everything Apes and Androids related, I received an email via google blog subscription that lead me to this blog posting

when I 1st saw this, I got kind of excited for it to either be something about them or perhaps even just a musical tribute. Not the case apparently, but so be it. I got to give props to whoever put those together. It's a little bit like what Kim Poor did with some of the Genesis songs and some of her ex-husband Steve Hackett's music.

I'd also be curious what David Tobias and Brian Jacobs might think of them, but the odds of ever finding that out seem slim to none, given their apparent lack of online presence.

Cool visual interpretations. I wonder what it might be like listening to those parts of the album while staring at those, lol.