Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Jazzkamikaze - Supersonic Revolutions (2010)

The whole album is available to stream at http://www.jazzkamikaze.com/


1 Bring Back Spring
2 Arch
3 That Way She Drives Me
4 Across the Palisades
5 Mystery Maze
6 Music Is My Heroin
7 Skies for You
8 The Return of Bab El Ehr and the Future Raiders
9 Mournful Stroms Have Passed Tonight
10 Half of Me
11 M.E.C.
12 Acropolis

I finally got around to playing this new album from this Danish band. They do sound at times a fair amount like Mew, but it's funny how the Mew comparison seemed to be more and more notice-able as the album went on, but at the same time, the album seemed to get better.

That closing track "Acropolis" really was soothing and big-sounding, very much like something from Glass Handed Kites.

I should be giving Supersonic Revolutions some more time this week, but it wouldn't surprise me if this album gets addictive and is one of my favorites for the year soon.

I should add (a lot) more soon if that happens.