Wednesday, July 28, 2010

The River Empires: Epilogue LYRICS POSTED

Rather than post an extensively long topic with the lyrics, it probably just makes sense for now to link Jessy's blog and to say go back a few pages to find every track's lyrics. Plus a bunch of great scene-ly photos and some short videos of the making.

among the photos there, this one kind of impressed me/surprised me a bit. They actually rehearsed and/or recorded some of this album outside, within nature. It seems rather virtual in some ways. Art-imitating-life or vice-versa perhaps.

Overture In Thales Summer, Our Neighbor The Earth, The Coventry, The Harbourland, A Toast To The Snake King, Catacombs In Orchards, Three Tigers

Lull Of Celeste, From Outside The Cellar, A Dimmer Lux, Witches Blossom, The Curse Of Maybel Cains, The Motorbike, The Backyard In Sparkes, Theon, The Fox

Marching Of The Clocks

I dunno, maybe I will after looking at how much text it is, put them up.

Also another note about the films. Jessy posted something last week about heading to LA to look into options for making the films. If you notice one of the images put up announcing the title "The Mnemosyne Tree" you see it as a Script. I take that to be it's at least a rough draft on a screenplay. So I imagine he's done at least some preliminary work for that. We may see the 1st movie being made as early as 2011. Who knows, maybe even it'll be out in 2011 if that much work has already been done on it.