Saturday, July 24, 2010

The Reign of Kindo - This Is What Happens (2010)

7/24/10 6:20pm

Good but not great as a whole(yet). But it may be more of a grower.

This album is more subdued and less busy, than their debut album Rhythm, Chord & Melody. The melodies are at times more subtle. There's more piano, less guitar. The vocals aren't as catchy, but more rich and refined. But not as memorable unfortunately. The production is excellent, including the all important compression concern with the cymbals, thankfully, are nowhere to be found. Sax and trumpet are included in the extra instrumentation used, which at times makes it seem even more jazzy. Also some djembe percussion, violin and what sounds like cello.

"Out of Sight, Out of Mind" is probably the best track, and resembles the RC&M melody style most. "Now We've Made Our Ascent" as well, with the obvious allusion to the track "Till We Make Our Ascent" from their last album.
Other favorite songs include "Psalm" (the guitar echoing texture namely, and string arrangement), "Battling the Years," "Nightingale," and "Thrill of the Fall."

I'm thinking that some people will love it, but others who really got into the melodies, especially the vocals on RC&M may not care for it as much.

But it's an album that could get better with time. It does seem really stripped down though. It's a fair amount different than RC&M having revisited that a handful of times recently. But in a way, it's probably a good thing, as I wouldn't accuse them of repeating themselves.

also a note, it appears they will be opening for of all bands, Kansas on August 6th in Lockport, NY. I just caught Kansas and Styx a few weeks ago, and I sure as hell could have gone for seeing these guys instead of Foreigner (who I skipped).

7/13/10 11:20PM

From their twitter a little while ago.
guys and gals! sorry for taking so long but we FINALLY posted a new song (Out Of Sight, Out Of Mind) on our...

this new song is boss as hell. I want to hear more, nao! Gawd, this band may go from fringe favorite, to a breakthrough band of the year. I can't wait to hear this album even more now!

7/6/10 7:11PM

Samples on Amazon

7/5/10 11:37PM

Artwork and Track list. Also the release date is now August 3rd.

1. Thrill of the Fall
2. Now We’ve Made Our Ascent
3. Symptom of a Stumbling
4. Bullets in the Air
5. Flowers by the Moon
6. Nightingale
7. Blistered Hands
8. Out of Sight, Out of Mind
9. Comfort in the Orchestration
10. City Lights & Traffic Sounds
11. Battling the Years
12. Soon It Shall Be
13. Psalm

This may be available rather soon, hehe. Very excited, as long the cymbal-clipping compression issue goes away.

4/29/10 12:03AM

facebook page

Joe Secchiaroli:

On July 13th
, you will be able to purchase "this is what happens" (our upcoming lp) at various Internet retail outlets including iTunes, and (our label).

There will most certainly be physical copies available at

very excited, just please no compressed/clipping cymbals this time!