Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Warpaint Interview/Live Videos


This interview and live performance is a few months old given the interviewer talks about them *warming* everyone up due to the long, cold winter. But it's a good, thorough interview. Some of the stuff has been posted online in many places, but other things, like their background with John Frusciante (more in detail) and their record deal with roughtrade; how that came about, is discussed. Also some info about the new record is, which is the biggest thing I and I'm sure many others are looking for. The title wasn't mentioned, but they said it is or involves somehow a RIDDLE.

One thing I can say. I should stop liking them, like right now. Every fucking time I see them or watch (or even hear) an interview, I feel like I am falling head over heals in love with maybe all (now) 4 of them, lol. Especially Emily Kokal. It's torture in some ways. Emily, like is there something I can do to make you any way. Otherwise, here's the deal. You and your beautiful band mates can become the best band in the world, and I'll die. Okay? ;)


live videos: