Saturday, June 5, 2010

Greenberg (2010)

This movie was directed (and written?) by Noah Baumbach who also made a movie I did not care for one bit, in Margot at the Wedding. And I heard about that fact going-in, but there were enough good reviews to retain my interest.

Ben Stiller
plays an eccentric guy who meets this girl played by Greta Gerwig who seems to be drawn to him regardless of the fact he at times acts like an insensitive ass to her. Now Greenberg had recently come from a psych ward of some sort, so it's understandable why his behavior may be how it is. However, it's impressive how she and his best-friend find a way to tolerate and look past his issues throughout much of the film.

Credit goes to Stiller for pulling off a tough role. Also credit goes to Gerwig, whose character Florence shows a wide range of feelings towards him.

Stiller's character reminds me a bit of Eddie Marsan uptight driving instructor character Scott in Happy-Go-Lucky. Not necessarily a pleasant experience to watch, but at times he seemed so ridiculous, it was almost funny.

Certainly not the best movie of 2010, but still worth recommending to fans of Stiller, and those who can respect this kind of dark comedy. And definitely more stomach-able than the snooze-fest that was Margot at the Wedding. Give me Margot and the Nuclear So and So's instead please.