Monday, June 21, 2010

Alter Bridge - TBA (2010)

Not that Alter Bridge are my favorite band or anything, but I did enjoy Blackbird a fair amount back in 2007. Contrary to what was posted on rateyourmusic, the title is not (at this point) "Alter Bridge III," as they say they haven't chosen a title yet.

I would expect this record to be released sometime this Fall.

Hello Alter Bridge Nation,

We are proud to announce that the entire recording process on our third album is completely finished. All of the seventeen songs we worked so hard on have been recorded, painstakingly mixed and we now hold the final mastered versions in our possession. These songs have turned out even better then we could have imagined and we are fiercely proud of the efforts of everyone involved that made our vision a reality.

We want all of our fans to know that we created these songs with no outside influence whatsoever, just like we did with the One Day Remains and Blackbird albums. And, like the Blackbird album, we financed our latest project with our own funds, without the support of our current record label. We want you to know that our artistic vision is never compromised and that the songs you will hear later this year are exactly what we have intended. We can not wait to unleash this new album on the world.

Our management team is working hard on some exciting business opportunities behind the scenes and as soon as they are finished we will be able to give you a clear date on when the album will be released and when the first single will be sent to radio and be available to purchase. We will also be able to give you news on when our long delayed Blu-Ray and Deluxe DVD (Alter Bridge - Live From Amsterdam) will be in stores world-wide. We will update you on all of this as soon as we hear some news.

In the meanwhile, all of us in the band must now decide on the name of the album, finalize the song names (not as easy as you would think) and lastly, and this will be hardest, decide how many and which tracks will make the album. Stay tuned here because as we fit the final pieces of the puzzle together, we will update you as it happens.

That is all the news for now and a big thanks to all you fans who have stuck with us from the start and a big welcome to all you new fans who are just discovering us. We always aim to top our last album and we firmly believe we have done that with this new collection of songs. We are looking forward to hearing what all you fans think so stay tuned and we will update you again as soon as we have some solid news to report.

Keep rocking,

Alter Bridge