Monday, June 14, 2010

Agalloch - 4th LP (2010 or 2011)

Agalloch myspace blog

Agalloch is proud to announce a renewed relationship with Profound Lore Records who will release our long-awaited 4th full length album. Profound Lore originally released our debut and sophomore albums on vinyl in 2005, including the amazing wooden sleeve edition of “Pale Folklore.” The artistic attitude and level of integrity from Profound Lore is why we are extremely pleased to have them represent Agalloch.
The new album will be recorded throughout June and July, but we do not wish to make any concrete statements regarding a release date at this time.

really terrific news to find out this indeed will be released rather soon. The White EP from 2008 was wonderful. Their full lengths have been rather good, mostly for what they are; but given the time and coming off The White, I am rather optimistic about this album. It's also encouraging to hear John mention they have *neglected* touring the US. Which hopefully will lend them to playing more concerts in their native country soon.