Saturday, June 5, 2010

The Square - (2008-2010)

First off there was a short film/public-service-announcement kind of thing at the beginning showing a couple driving and the girl laughing while she's driving and then she notices a spider on her body so she stops, freaks out and opens her door and then gets hit head-on by another car just as she notices the spider is a fake and her boyfriend laughing and trying to explain that to her.

The consequence isn't entirely fatal, that we are led to believe. But it just shows never stop and get out of your car in the middle of the street. And maybe better, always lock your door, even if there may be a spider crawling on you.

The Square:

This is a dark Australian Noir film that was good but could have been great. Raymond and Carla are a man and woman who are neighbors, and are having an affair. They would love to end the sneaking around and run off together. Their 2 dogs witness the 2 of them going at it in 1 car from the other car where they're parked. Their 2 dogs find an attraction apparently, continually as the film goes on.

Carla finds a sack of cash sitting in a bag in her ceiling. It seems like the perfect chance to take the cash and then run. But first, they don't want to have the money traced to her, so they have to hire someone to burn down their place, thus it's assumed the cash goes with her home, thus no trace.

Well 1 cellphone battery dies, another is left behind, and the whole plan goes awry. A co-worker of the man sees the 2 of them being unfaithful, in which it appears to be a relatively small-town as word travels fast. Raymond starts getting blackmail notes, but he's unsure who they are from. He thinks they are from one of his shady co-workers, Leonard. A confrontation happens, and an accident. A body is buried and covered up, on the construction site where they work. A cop-friend eventually comes by when Leonard isn't seen for 4 days.

Carla has an ass of a boyfriend, determined to get the bottom of how his house was burned down and his mother killed. He also at 1 point puts a gun on her, without any evidence of the affair she's having. The hired thug also is a strapping lump of coal-up-his-ass bloke who points guns in peoples faces and has a short-fuse, no pun intended.

The climax is dramatic, some key characters don't bode too well. The blackmailer is revealed, but not all that clearly. But on many occasions, especially as Raymond and Carla keep getting deeper and deeper from stress of having to lie and cover things up. Which raises the question why couldn't they just have fled the town together earlier than they try to. What ever happened to Take-the-Money-And-Run? I suppose the plot wouldn't have been as *indie* and it was more dramatic. Very anti-Hollywood I suppose. But to say one or more bad characters never got dealt with is accurate. I would have gone for more justice or poetic justice in this. That being said, it is a film that stays with you. So it has it's power and I can't help but respect that and the acting.

Still, having 2 cellphones conveniently unavailable was a bit of a lazy plot device. The writer probably could have come up with something more realistic. But so be it. Many won't care.