Friday, June 25, 2010

Bend Sinister - Stories of Brothers, Tales of Lovers VIDEOS

6/25/10 2:36 AM


there is a video for "Jimmy Brown" that was uploaded a few days before this one, but it's rather controversial and may get pulled (not to mention violate a few rules). Although if censorship were not an issue, I'd be fine with it. Check the band's website/blog for it

6/16/10 2:53AM

the next new video for "The Same Things"..again very retro/60'ish. There 1 clip that looks like it's from the set of the original Star Trek, lol. Hey William Shatner is from Canada like the band, so go figure.

6/8/10 12:30AM

They posted another new one yesterday for "Brothers of Humankind"

and then of course the one posted last week for "The News."

they must have had a 50's theme in mind in making these. The other ones I might expect something similar.

1. The News
2. Brothers of Humankind
3. The Same Things
4. Jimmy Brown
5. CT
6. Careless
7. Because Because
8. Give Into The Night
9. Dr. Lee
10. Julianna
11. Once Again
12. Give Into The Night (Reprise)
13. Demise
14. City Lights