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3 (the band) Dropped By RoadRunner Records/Resign w/ METAL BLADE

6/8/10 5:45PM

small update from Blabbermouth

Guitarist/vocalist Joey Eppard of Woodstock, New York's 3, one of the world's most innovative rock bands, has issued the following update:

"We just wrapped up our first week [recording the new 3 album] at Applehead Studios. It's been a personal dream of mine to record in the room my father designed and built. It's almost like having him play on the record.

"The drum sounds CJB [Christopher John Bittner] dialed in were fantastic and the Gartdrumm was in full effect.

"This record is going to be something very special.

"Our live performances are going to be rare this summer because most of our energy will be going into the making of our new record, but we do have a few very special shows coming up.

"June 11th will see 3 perform at the Basement's three-year anniversary show. Later this summer we'll be debuting new material at our August 28 Bearsville performance where we'll be joined by Josh Eppard's new band: TERRIBLE THINGS. Of course I'll also be doing a few solo gigs to keep me sharp."

3 recently signed a new deal with Metal Blade Records.

The band previously released "Wake Pig" (2005), "The End Is Begun" (2007) and "Revisions" (2009) on Metal Blade.

3's entire discography now spans over a decade, going all the way back to "Paint By Number" (1999) and "Summercamp Nightmare" (2003).

Over the course of its career, 3 has toured with the SCORPIONS, PORCUPINE TREE, DREAM THEATER, OPETH, BETWEEN THE BURIED AND ME, and many, many more.

based on that time frame, if all goes smoothly, their new record could be out in the Fall.
3/27/10 9:08PM
Three sign with Metalblade Records again.

Joey Eppard Mailing List

Hey everyone...

We are well on our way to making our greatest "3" album yet. After lookin at several horrific offers from other labels we decided to continue with Metalblade records because they actually care about our music and truly believe in what we do. We were tossing around the idea of releasing it one song at a time, each with a video. Basically like episodes. Let us know what you think.

Meanwhile I'll be doing a couple solo gigs in April...

Saturday, April 10, 7:30pm
Joey Eppard
w/ Selfish Steam
@ The Powder Mill Barn
32 South Maple Street
Enfield, CT 06082

Saturday, April 17
Joey Eppard
w/ Bergkamp Bros
@Woodstock Harmony
52 Mill Hill rd, Woodstock, NY


I'm a little confused by that statement about Metal Blade. Wasn't part of their beef about Revisions was LACK OF PROMOTION?..blech.

guess we'll see, it hopefully will benefit them more still going with MB than on their own (or the offers they turned down).

Record Industry :facepalm:

12/10/09 5:18PM

New 3 Newsletter explains it all pretty much.

Hey all,

Couple thoughts... I'm sick of rules that don't really exist. From now on we're offering our fans and friends an open invitation to literally be part of the band. The stuff that goes on in the music biz is so crazy that it can make you crazy if you let it. So instead of loosing our minds how 'bout we share with you whats been going on in our world.

This Summer we wrapped up our Metalblade record deal with our new release "Revisions." Soon thereafter we had signed a contract with Road Runner Records but unfortunately they dropped us before we could even record a single note. Whats worse is this is the 2nd time thats happened to us (Universal Records '98). Ok so the rug was pulled out from underneath us but what doesn't kill us only makes us stronger, right? Well now we have a new deal on the table, but they're asking for 100% of our publishing!!! I've never even heard of that! Whats worser than worse is that they are offering very little money to do it. The truth is our self esteem just can't get that low. We're considering going DIY but we need your support and feedback to do it! Let us know what you think and we will listen.

We have a bunch of new songs and want to make our next masterpeice but we need to raise money to do it. If you want to support please consider buying our latest live set from:


it was a 21 song epic performance including a version of Purple Rain where I had to try to sing through the tears in my eyes! Everything just hit me in that moment. Everything we've been through, all the hard work, all the tough breaks and all the victories we've shared. I don't want it to ever end!

in peace, Joey / 3

Upcoming shows...
Saturday, December 19th, 10pm
Joey Eppard solo acoustic
Mariner's Harbor
1 Broadway, Kingston, NY

so, I wonder if RR dropped them due to lack of sales of Revisions. And that deal that was offered to them sounds much worse than the ridiculous offer 100Ft Snowman was given by a label rep.

I certainly would be willing to support them if they went on their own. But this reeks of someone new over at RR calling the shots.

Sad story, but maybe it'll be for the best. Circa Survive gets on a major, and Kaddisfly goes into hibernation; while Water & Bodies is created and has a higher chance of success based on headway and expectations.

I am sick of seeing this industry bullshit with many of the bands I like. Almost to the point I might expect it, from any label, even many of the indies. Bands don't last and get screwed over. It's how it is, how it's become, and how it probably will be until something changes.

Wonderful. Long live 3, one of the best live bands over the last 2 decades.

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