Monday, September 7, 2009

Update (Labor Day Weekend)

So my pc bit the dust. 2nd time in 4 years. That ole diatribe has been babbled about more than enough times in here.

Right now, I'm waiting on a new PC, which I should have on Tuesday, but depending on some things, may not be totally up and running for another day or 2 after that. We'll see.

The library sucks ass now. 1 hour of internet access (it used to be they had some pcs with 2min). And Dunn Bros, unless it's like 2 hours or less before they close (8pm or later) it seems always has demand for people to use their pcs. Thankfully, on Thursday, I was able to get access for the 1+ hour I needed for my fantasy football online draft. Not perfect, as Yahoo's java draft template doesn't work when the pc you are using requires 1/5 of the monitor space to have ads. But beggars can't be picky.

So, there's a good amount of content missing in here, due to my lack of time online over the last 3 days. Hopefully it'll be made-up. But not right away, as I've got a possible movie on Tuesday, Wednesday Ramona Falls @ The shitty Entry, and then I fly out to Atlanta on Friday for ProgPowerUSA.

Galaxy Quest

rym review:
It was more or less Star Trek's answer to "Spaceballs" (Star Wars) except the plot and mostly the jokes weren't really in the same galaxy.

But for what it was, Alan Rickman and Tony Shaloub mostly, it was certainly worth seeing. Some of the notable cast like Justin Long, Missi Pyle, Sam Rockwell, and Shaloub, would go on in the last 10 years to bigger things.

I like Enrico Colantoni, but him and the Alien race, were actually more annoying than funny. Mainly the way they talked.

Ice Man

I caught these on Encore Drama the last few days. Ice-Man was interesting, although at times watching the guy who played the Ice-Man was kind of like watching that woman in the movie Bark!. It was kind of difficult to take entirely seriously. That being said, it was not an easy performance, and Timothy Hutton among the rest of the cast (Danny Glover, David Strathairn sp?) were worth seeing. The set looked at times eerily similar to the John Carpenter picture "The Thing."

Alaska was kind of a guilty-pleasure kiddie kind of movie that while it felt Disney/Hollywood had enough charm to watch. Dirk Benedict aka Starbuck from the original Battlestar Galactica, is a pilot in Alaska, whose plane goes down in a storm and the authorities rescue attempts fails. So his teen-age kids go after him via kayak, hiking, canoe, etc. Along the way they meet a friend, a baby polar-bear who was entertaining enough actually. And Thora Birch, while yeah she was about 14 or 15, was still cute enough to keep my attention, even then. Charlton Heston even makes an interesting villain.

I have the 1st 2 discs of True Blood checked out from Hollywood as well.

Extract given some comments from a friend of mine and some mediocre reviews, may be delayed. It's not the movie I would be seeing on Tuesday. Either the Renee Zelwegger thing "My One and Only" or "Adam" one that I had a free pass for a few weeks ago and skipped. Although I recall the same evening having another free pass somewhere else, so there was good enough reason for that.

Pain of Salvation new album "Road Salt" drops early 2010 presumably, but they're likely to release some kind of EP in November. More on that soon.

Local Natives based on some recent buzz, I think it's very likely some kind of announcement will happen about "Gorilla Manor" soon. The word was October. We're not that far away from October now, so that makes a lot of sense.

Tangled Thoughts of Leaving a group who I don't think I've mentioned much if at all on this blog until now. Guess to sum it up, at somepoint towards the end of 2008 I came across an ep of theirs. I remember it was around the time I discovered Distrails. I was kind of impressed by both of them, but Distrails moreso. TToL tho put out some kind of split earlier this year with another band. And perhaps an EP as well? I forget. Anyway, last week they posted a blog talking about their debut album, having a handful of songs, etc. And the chances of it coming out in 2010

Our every waking thought seems to be concerned with the release of our debut album in 2010. We have enough rough material to (over)fill it already - we just need to refine and make sure it is everything we have wanted it to be. As we tick into October we will be getting more serious with pre-production and then recording the album - we are planning on documenting this with plentiful youtube updates (we should really aim lower) and a plethora of news snippets showing up here!

so, in now remembering it. I recall also hearing about Grammatics around that time. Perhaps this debut album from TToL will boost their visibility and interest like Grammatics. It's certainly one to keep in mind for 2010. A potential buzz-band with a debut album. Stylistically, give their myspazz a go. Or look for them on I guess they could be described as progressive-post rock of a kind. With a classical (or piano and string) element. Mostly instrumental now remembering. The thing that sucks is, everything I've heard from them, the mp3s seem to clip or cutoff or something. Not to the point where my interest goes away, but it's hurt my motivation to go back to them.

okay, well I was going to try and work on the tv blogs tonight, but my energy level keeps dropping and I need to drive home. This pc I'm on was slow as hell earlier, so that deterred my working on those earlier. I mean to/need to as the TV season kind of starts this week. Really next week moreso, but it would fit to put them up now. With a little time and this new computer of mine not requiring too much work to set up, I'll have some time hopefully on Thursday.

Otherwise, maybe tomorrow if I manage to take care of a few things.

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