Friday, September 18, 2009

Between the Buried and Me Interview

saw this on Blabbermouth

Between the Buried and Me Interview HARDTIMES.CA

length-ly interview, but not completely boring. Wish they would have asked him more about the new album. conducted an interview with the Raleigh, North Carolina-based progressive metalcore quintet BETWEEN THE BURIED AND ME prior to the band's September 8, 2009 concert in Montreal, Quebec, Canada. Watch the 15-minute chat below.

Victory's metal focused web platform,, is premiering the first full-length track from "The Great Misdirect", the forthcoming album from BETWEEN THE BURIED AND ME. "Obfuscation" is now available for streaming at this location (free e-mail signup required). The nine-minute-and-fifteen-second song is a testament to the technically otherworldly original and proficient musicianship of BTBAM.

An audio teaser for "The Great Misdirect" is available for streaming on the band's MySpace page. The CD is scheduled for release on October 27 via Victory Records.

BETWEEN THE BURIED AND ME vocalist Tommy Rogers recently told Noisecreep about the group's Jamie King-produced follow-up to 2007's "Colors", "It's definitely a step forward for us, I think. I don't know ... when we write records, we never want to repeat ourselves, and we definitely have done that. So, I was worried when we started writing this record that we were just going to end up with something that sounds like 'Colors', and that's definitely not the case."

According to Rogers, "The Great Misdirect" is "more dynamic than we've ever been." The band, he said, tried "different things" on this record, resulting in a rather equal mix of "mellow stuff and more intense stuff. It's definitely BETWEEN THE BURIED AND ME," Rogers added. "That's the coolest thing about our records. No matter what we do, it still sounds like us."

He continued, "It's a little over an hour of material, and it's definitely a lot of music. The thing with us is — yeah, we do have long songs, but we just try to never have a lot of filler. Some bands will have long songs, but half of the song will be a lot of filler. On 'Swim to the Moon' [the last track on the disc, which clocks in at over 18 minutes], there's no downtime. We try to pack everything with music, because we like to give people their money's worth."

I'd add more about the new album and the 2 songs from the sampler, but I haven't listened to them enough. It's funny how on some boards, people are shitting on them. The boards; I've almost come to the point of expecting that people will jump off a bandwagon just to act like they know everything. Like they're smarter and have better taste than everyone else. It's these people who seemingly never will get out of their parents basements and realize whether you say something sucks or not, it doesn't make you look more informed or intelligent in any way, shape or form. All it does, is make you look like you're wasting yours and others time.

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