Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Pain of Salvation - Road Salt (2010?)

new album's title and a bit more info on it. If you don't mind clicking on the link below, you have to register to read for some reason.

blog linked to their official site

Back on track!

cmlogo1Earlier this year SPV (distributors and co-owners of InsideOut Music) declared insolvency and filed for bankruptcy, causing a lot of damage for us and other bands. As for ourselves, the planned album release and four tours were effectively postponed and/or cancelled indefinitely. Therefore we are now happy to announce that we are back on track again, with Century Media picking up InsideOut, together sorting out the sordid mess that SPV caused.

Work on the album has been resumed and we are doing our best to pick up where we left a few months back with new energy. Since you have been waiting for such a long time we will give you some first hand info on the coming album:

rs000227cWe are giving birth to a double album called “Road Salt” - revolving around choices, temptation, sacrifices, passion and the difficult art of giving up. A lot of the intimate issues that have become the core of Pain of Salvation in other words.

The whole album will have a very raw and dry sound, initially described by Daniel as “1976 on steroids”. The music daringly combines the lost worlds of the early Pain of Salvation while at the same time, as always, paving new roads for the band and their fans.

Hey, why not some song titles?
Linoleum, Sisters, Gone, No Way…

Road Salt will come with an extensive booklet and will also be available as a double vinyl! No release date has been confirmed yet, but we are looking at 2010 in any case.

sounds potentially good. But it's just purely reporting here really. "1976 on steroids" huh? well, on paper, that may have me. But a leak won't surface for probably 3 months at best, assuming the 2010 projection is accurate. The only way it drops this year is some Remedy_Lane quick-wrap-up-emergency-tour deal.

The potential for some touring does really sound realistic again thankfully. Minnesota?..a Dream Theater opening slot next late Winter/Early Spring very well could happen. Like Fates Warning/Queensryche/Dt a DT/PoS American-Tour might be happening 5-10 years too late. I hope not. Perhaps a Transatlantic/PoS tour as well could happen.

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