Tuesday, September 22, 2009

2009-2010 TV: Tuesday

In looking over the schedule this fall for TV, this night appeared to be pretty much totally open. I.e., like Sunday, really nothing that I planned to watch. Gone are the likes of Gilmore Girls or even Buffy, Veronica Mars, and the last 2 seasons, Reaper. And that was just on The CW.

But in now re-glancing at the schedule, there are a couple of shows that I will be planning on watching now.

7-8 PM

V (ABC Premieres November 3rd)

Giant spaceships appear over all major cities of the world, the alien "Visitors" claiming to come in peace. As some humans begin to doubt the sincerity of the Visitors, Homeland Security agent Erica Evans discovers that the aliens have spent decades infiltrating human governments and businesses and are now in the final stages of their plan to take over the planet. Erica joins the resistance movement, which includes Ryan, a Visitor sleeper agent who wants to save humanity. However, the aliens have won favor among the people of Earth by curing a variety of diseases, and have recruited Earth's youth, including Erica's son, to serve unknowingly as spies.

Ok, this has got the cast:
Elizabeth Mitchell (Juliet on Lost)
Morena Baccarin (Firefly..she was hot in that and fits the role well)
Alan Tudyk (Firefly good on that show and even a guest on Dollhouse last season)
Joel Gretsch (The 4400, should be good to see him as a regular on tv again)
Laura Vandervoot (Kara/Supergirl on Smallville..miss her on Smallville. Not a bad place to land)
Scott Wolf (Party of 5, you know him. Will he be annoying?)

and the premise, if it works like the original 80's version did. I guess the questions I have is can they do with this, what the new Battlestar Galactica did. Take a somewhat classic (modern) Scifi show and adapt to the modern day. And/or can they reinvent/re-imagine it in a new, cool way. They have tried it before and failed (Bionic Woman, Knightrider, The Nightstalker) but also some have worked like BSG or even Smallville in a sense.

I really hope it does, because with Lost in it's final season, BSG gone, Life on Mars and Terminator as well. For big, epic Scifi shows, all we kind of got left is Heroes. Perhaps Caprica and Fringe as well, but this is the main network one. Dollhouse kind of counts as well, but the way this seems and looks, it's in that Lost/BSG vein. I for one have gained a new level of anticipation. I mean c'mon, they even stole Juliet from Lost. I sincerely hope it's worthwhile. Also don't be surprised to see some guest appearances from the original cast ala Marc Singer and Robert Englund.


Better Off Ted (ABC January 2010)

Well according to tviv, this will return to ABC's air at 8:30PM starting sometime in January.

My take on this show is, it at times was funny, but also at times the jokes really didn't work. Portia de Rossi and Andrea Anders weren't bad female stars. And the 2 science geeks were amusing enough. ted, actually may have been the least interesting character.

However, this is with seeing maybe 3 episodes. I have still I think 4 o5 maybe more episodes on my DVR from last Spring, lol. I'm not sure if that says less about the show's quality, or just how low a priority it was to finish watching. Cupid and Castle definitely had me more motivated to watch them. The Unusuals, also fell into this category, and yes, it's still on my DVR. I guess the conclusion is how much I hate ABC for throwing 5 new shows at once at me, when i can barely keep up with 3.

Oh and possibly it's best new show, the Gary Cole/Jeffrey Tambor cast/Rob Thomas-written show "Good Behaviour" uh, = never got a greenlight by the networks. I hate you ABC. I really hayyyyyyyyt you sometimes. Somebody needs to storm into their offices someday and hijack the control room and then air that show, damnit!

Past Life (FOX February 2010)

Based on the novel "The Reincarnationist" by MJ Rose, the series uses the concept of reincarnation to solve present-day mysteries caused by past-life traumas.

This is just a guess, but this might be interesting. Or it might totally suck, like a lot of the shows FOX tries. David Hudgins is the writer and producer, and his credits include Friday Night Lights and Everwood. Blech. But this is Scifi. the cast, while the names aren't really familiar, the faces seem to be kind of.

I dunno, based on history, this very easily may never air, or it'll come on in the Summer. But given how little there is to watch on Tuesdays, this may be something to give a chance to come mid-season when "So you Think You Can Dance" is finally over.

One other thing is, Warehouse 13 of course aired on Tuesday nights this Summer. While I'd be surprised if it's back again until next year (if it all) I guess this along with My Boys are 2 things to sort-of slot-in on Tuesdays. My Boys....edit: it appears My Boys will be back (yay!) but not until the Summer of 2010 (predictably).

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