Monday, September 7, 2009

Biffy Clyro - Only Revolutions (2009)

There's another entry on this?..ok, well, so be it. More words here when this sucker finally leaks. November 2nd or 9th..the rel date isn't 100% clear as of yet.


1. The Captain
2. That Golden Rule
3. Bubbles
4. God & Satan
5. Born On A Horse
6. Mountains
7. Shock Shock
8. Many Of Horror
9. Booooom. Blast And Ruin
10. Know Your Quarry
11. Whorses
12. I’m Probably In Your Pocket
13. Cloud Of Stink

Small Biffy fact: “I’m Probably In Your Pocket” was originally worked on during the band’s Puzzle recording sessions.

Only Revolutions will be released on either November 2nd or November 9th (there appears to be two conflicting release dates) on 14th Floor Records.

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