Thursday, September 3, 2009

Annuals - Hi-Hat (2009)

New EP "Hi-Hat" they want to put out in November.

The Dear Hunter tour should help promote it.


Thursday, September 03, 2009
OMG!! A new Annuals ep!!!
that's right my friends, we annuals have new material coming to your precious little ears very soon. The hi-hat ep is schedueld to come out, with our fingers crossed, early november. we will be promoting the new release on an upcoming week long tour with The Dear Hunter. tour starts october 25 in vienna, virginia and will work its way up the east coast and end in boston november 1st. keep checking back for new material as it is in the process of being mastered right now. tour dates are listed on our page. come see us because we would love to see you!!

<3 Annuals

my guess is, they were looking to release a full-length either late this year, or sometime next year from a previous blog. But when The Dear Hunter came about, getting something new to support it would benefit the band.

I'm excietd for the headlining TDH gig with some nice openers in locals Empires and City of Sound, but to see Annuals WITH them would rule. Tood bad, but 3 Annuals shows in '07-'09 I can't complain. Those NorthEast folks are lucky tho.

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