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Water & Bodies + 3

Water & Bodies whose debut EP was released back in May have mentioned looking to release their debut full-length soon. And by meaning soon, I got the sense from some people on the boards, and now their blog (Beau their drummer mainly) that it could happen rather soon. They have a lot of songs; many of which I guess if they end up on that debut album, will not include any of the songs on the EP perhaps. But here's the important bit from that blog the other day:

3. We’ve been writing like crazy in all our spare time and things are sounding fab! We have a big surprise to tell you all about, but we might just drop it on you when it finished! hint hint. All I can say is September will be a busy month, busy in a good way ;)

so, something's cooking; and it'll likely be announced next month. Perhaps it'll be the EP as a vinyl sales, or a bigger tour, but the way that reads, it more likely will be

a) details on the debut album, and even perhaps it being released in September or by the end of the year.

b) if not it being released in 2009, details on it, and WHEN, like early in 2010.

If that were possible..within the last week news about them, Transatlantic today, and Kevin Gilbert's 2 cds. Potentially, THAT DEPTH for the year just got hiked up a bit, close to where I thought it might be early in the year.

However, it won't mean all that much if these albums aren't amazing..heck, even just 1 of the 3(4) are. No gurantees, but it's interesting how within a short period of time, once I start to question things a bit, stuff starts to excite me again. The fact is, with really only 2 1/2 months left, the anticipated and known work to come out, will happen rather fast. But that goes back to my point about procrastinating artists. Maybe there's something about releasing an album in the fall like movies? It's not for Grammy's, but maybe for Holiday gifts or something. I wonder if more artists just considered that habit of trying to get an album out by the end of the year, and instead think of it more like in Quarters. How about try and get it out by May, or July.

Deadlines suck, I know, but it just seems like many of them CRAM shit in at the last minute every fucking year now. Or they push it back until "early [insert next year]" which then ends up more like Spring or Summer. And before you know it, it's been a year since the original target date. There is such a thing as TAKING TOO LONG and getting COMPLACENT. OVERTHINKING, OVER-DOING. Sure, it helps to be a perfectionist, but how many times have some of the original versions of songs end up being better than what ends up on the record? A lot more often than I'd imagine.

3 they just announced today "Revisions Volume 1: Anyone Human" will be released on October 27th. Couple of points to be made right off the bat.

New "3" record: "Revisions" to be released on October 27th / upcoming "3" related performances
Hey Everybody,

We've been hard at work making music ever since we got home from our last tour and now we finally have the word on when our next record is coming out. On OCTOBER 27th "Revisions" will be released to the world!

A word on "Revisions"

"3" has always been a band apart. We've never been afraid to follow the artistic impulse, whether it has lead us to genre bending progressive experimentation, or, as in the case of "Revisions," drawn us into a world defined more by melody and lyric than by instrumental prowess. It goes without saying that our goal has always been to create a symbiosis between these qualities, but on this record we find the poles have shifted in favor of the singer-songwriter element of what we do. This collection taps the rich history of "3" by reexamining some of the earlier songs that made us who we are today. Some of them are known from early live bootlegs, others existed only on cassette and were transferred to the internet by dedicated fans who some how dug them up(possibly out of my garage). In any event, these are songs that we felt deserved a second chance, a "revision," if you will. Our passion for music is truly the common thread that binds our diverse body of work.

Upcoming "3" related performances...

Friday, August 28th, 9pm / Joey Eppard - Gartdrumm & JB Tenney
Live @ Keegan Ales - St James Street, Kingston, NY - - no cover

Saturday, August 29th, 10pm / Joey Eppard solo acoustic! (w/Special guests)
Dave's Coffee House
Partition Street, Saugerties, NY
Joey Eppard solo acoustic!

Saturday, September 5th, 10:15pm / Joey Eppard solo acoustic!
Live @ Sober in the Sun - Coffee House Stage
Treasure Valley Boyscout Camp in Rutland / Oakham, MA

Saturday, September 19th / Joey Eppard solo acoustic!
Live @ Alchemy, Woodstock, NY

a) this is an album of OLD/EARLY songs never recorded or re-arranged. It's not NEW music they've written. And it'll probably end up sounding more in the vein of some of the stuff on "Paint By Number" just guessing. Maybe more heavy on the funk stylings, which might be good, but may not be as catchy or like their last 3 albums which I and many fans enjoy most.

b) they have another album, of all-new music, that'll be released on RoadRunner Records. The idea was this year sometime. Given that posting, I'm kind of skeptical. This again goes back to time-left-in-the-year/season.

c) I'm hoping this will be good, but even if it's not that great, my thoughts about their new songs writings (Joey Eppard) on the RR debut, will be an easy thing to fall back on.

To add to this, not involving the band themself or their label, but with Why do I post shit there and expect people to remember/find it when more news comes in about it? Seriously, it's turning into a PREDICTABLE waste of long-term rarely-if-ever-bumped topics INSTEAD OF THEM BEING SEARCHED FOR.

While I may have looked foolish in the TA announcement by seeing "coming in October" and what i thought were missing release dates from another site, I would think the attention-seeking users (whores) who continue to create new topics that fail to find or even SEARCH for an older topic should feel just as foolish. But do they?..I have no idea. But it's not just me, and certainly I've been guilty of it in the past..and guilty with the release-dates-in-the-topic-title-that-ultimately-change-but-the-topic-title-is-never-since-the-forum-software-won't-allow-nonmoderators-to-do-so.

But what ends up happening is all my effort (and ego-stroking, I won't deny) for announcing a new release in a brand new topic ends up being a 1-day or 5-hour thing, and these people don't consider the user who started the 1st thread on said album (or just the band in general) never feel learn. I don't keep track of if some users continue to do so. But I think it's an attention thing, and a NEW-TOPIC thing. A freshly posted new topic looks better.

For some reason though, is maybe the only board I'm on that continues to have this problem. Pretty much every other board, save for progressiveears which really is pretty fucked up without more than 1-month of history anyway, if a new topic is made, a suave happens and new topic gets locked. Most the users do use the search function better and more regularly. It's really not that hard. But the people often don't care or think about it.

I dunno, my new year's resolution may be modified but become more of a reality next year. No new topics about albums, and NO REPLIES. Frankly, pretty much lurk-mode on the busy boards. But I need more discipline to do that of course. {Perhaps just try and finish out this year and decade I suppose. But I would think those who really care or notice will stumble their way over here. And certainly, what this blog could be is just commenting and fwd-ing shit I see on the forums.

I've thought of just making 1 topic over on progressiveears "mnprogger's music news" but now thinking about that, it's rather silly because ultimately it'll look much like the modern indie thread anyway, and most people barely can keep up with it. I doubt it'd fly, but I think there is something to be said about 1 topic being focused on JUST MY BACKGROUND. Too many times those threads end up having shit posted in them I don't care about, and hurt the thread's intention. With a narcissistic, self-indulgent thread, it would be like passing along shit in this blog mostly anyway, but those people don't come here as far as I know. It would force my shit to be there.

but I still say they have got to get a real fucking message board with history that goes back years. forum is like that, but much worse. Short-term forums suck. Topics should be searched for and bumped. I don't see why it's not looked at as, as necessary as it should be.

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